Solid Rock Accounting Solutions (SRAS) provides tax, bookkeeping, and accounting services tailored to the needs of its clients. Our software ensures that your accounts are managed in the state of the art fashion and your taxes payable are greatly reduced.


  • We strive to take care of your financial issues while you focus on your day-to-day business.
  • We pride ourselves in providing exceptional one-on-one services at your place of business.

Our greatest joy is the smile we leave on your face.


Our Core Values

Our core value drives the success of our firm and put us a step ahead of our competitors.

  • In God We Trust: God is the foundation we stand and rely on for the success of our firm. The Solid Rock.
  • Commitment: We are fully committed to the work we do for our clients. Their satisfaction is our number 1 priority. With swift response and accuracy, we offer our clients the best.
  • Integrity: While providing services to our clients, we pride ourselves on the basis of high moral standards. We strive to create a platform of transparency and trust which are vital for any business relationship.
  • Timeliness: SRAS holds timeliness as important as anything. We render our services on a timely manner, so that our clients can beat deadlines and avoid penalties.


Why US?

  • Because we are always available. We are at your business site when you need us.
  • We consider your perspective. We operate on a client centric culture.
  • Our solutions are personalized to your needs. Every business is unique and must be treated in a special way.
  • We do not only prepare your books or assist you, we teach you how to do it and follow up to make sure you do it correctly.


Our Mission

To become a household name for individuals and small businesses


Our Vision

To be one of the best firms, with a motivated workforce, dedicated to providing cutting edge services to its client’s by using state of the art technology.


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